Author : Franck LEONARD Université de Rennes

Summary : “An Introduction to French Law” is intended to provide an in-depth presentation of the main areas of French law.
As it is impossible to understand French law without a modicum of historical knowledge, the first lesson explains the main steps in the development of French law. These different steps make it possible to better comprehend the current state of French law, and in particular its various divisions.
In a second phase, it is essential to have a good comprehension of the specific sources of French law. This is the object of lesson 2, which explains the hierarchy that exists between the different legal rules.
Lesson 3 provides an opportunity to explain how justice is organised and operates in France.
The following lessons are designed to introduce the reader to the most important rules of French civil law.
Lesson 4 deals with family law.
Lesson 5 explains the rules governing property law.
Lessons 6 to 8 concern the law of obligations. More specifically, contract law is explained in lesson 6. The rules about extra contractual civil liability are detailed in lesson 7. Lesson 8 gives a presentation of the general regime of obligations.

Key words : Civil code – contract law - extra contractual civil liability - family law - french law – justice - law of obligations - legal history –  private law – public law – property law.

Specialties : Méthodologie et épistémologie du droit - Droit privé - Droit civil - Droit des personnes et de la famille - Droit des contrats et obligations - Droit du patrimoine - Justice, procès et procédure - Droit public